CNY Peach Blossom Bowl

Lou Flower Studio

A cheery Chinese New Year festive tree nested in our signature glass bowl that is covered with soft green moss and clusters of Fittonia albivenis. This lovely arrangement will bring you joys for weeks to come as the Peach blossom tree continues to bloom beyond the CNY period.

Choose between Peach Blossom (桃花) or Hai Tang (海棠).

(Peach blossom is pink, Hai Tang is coral in colour)

(Bowl is 30cm in diameter)

Price includes complimentary delivery. Surcharges apply for CBD, Sentosa, Tuas and ALPS. Delivery slots available from 10th to 24th January. Delivery slots on 23 Jan and 24 Jan (AM only) are extremely limited. Order early to avoid disappointment.

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